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I provide the tools, the templates and the systems for you to design your life’s blueprint and then I help you build it so you can live it. I guide you to create the strategy you need to implement to have the freedom, lifestyle, and business that reflect success on your terms. The variety of coaching programs I offer helps you find meaning and fulfillment in life by learning how to flourish no matter what is happening around you.


My signature programs, THE PASSPORT and Find Your Happy are part of THE ISLAND MINDSET System Framework.  The Island Mindset is a proven system that contributes to your Self and Life Mastery.  Additionally THE TICKET and The Journey offer beautiful opportunities for self growth and greater expansion. Each program is focusing on a specific area of personal development. Expect real results in successfully elevating your self-awareness as we laser focus on taking your happiness and success to the next level. 

THE PASSPORT is a step-by-step proven system that helps you get crystal clear on what you need, what you want, and gives you the tools and strategies to create success on your terms. While during the Find Your Happy experience, you learn an effective and powerful self-discovery process that helps you reconnect with who you truly are and empowers you to be who you truly are. In a nutshell:  “Know Who You Are and Be Who You Are!”

And as a certified DreamBuilder Coach, I teach Mary Morrissey’s easy to follow, DreamBuilder program, which offers the keys to unlocking the doors to your spiritual success.


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xo Stella